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We have lots of new courses in the pipeline over the next few months, all available as part of your existing subscription immediately upon release.

Make sure that you check back often as we will be adding new courses regularly.

Many of our course subjects are based on feedback from colleagues within the decontamination and infection control sector and we welcome any comments. Course requests and feedback can be sent to HospitalCPD@isopharm.co.uk


EDU & SSD Microbiology

Course Release
Environmental Aspects Available Q4 2021
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) – risks to reusable medical devices, patients & handlers Available Q1 2022
An Introduction to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa LIVE NOW!


EDU & SSD Quality Management Systems & Regulatory Considerations

Course Release
Overview of ISO 13485 (Quality Management for Medical Devices) Available Q2 2022
All about External Audits & Notified Bodies Available Q4 2021
What is the CQC? Available Q2 2022
All About Internal Audits Available Q2 2022
All About HTMS Available Q2 2022


Endoscopy Decontamination

Course Release
Chemicals & COSHH Coming soon!
Sterilization Requirements Available Q4 2021
Understanding HTM & JAG Available Q2 2022
Anatomy of an Endoscope Coming soon!
How an EWD Works Coming soon!


SSD Cleaning & Disinfection

Course Release
Detergents & COSHH Coming soon!
Waste & Disposal Available Q4 2021
How Washer Disinfectors Work Available Q1 2022
Interpreting Manufactures Processing Instructions (IFUs) Available Q2 2022
Daily Testing Coming soon!
How Ultrasonic Washers Work LIVE NOW!
Supervisor Level – Managing Non Conforming Items Available Q1 2022


SSD Inspection, Assembly & Packaging

Course Release
All about Peel Pouches & Sealing Methods Available Q3 2021
Environmental Monitoring of the Cleanroom Available Q4 2021
Signs of Chemical & Physical Damage Available Q4 2021
Surgical Instrumentation (Multiple Courses) Available Q1 2022
Power Tools Available Q1 2022
Micro, Fine & Delicate Instruments Available Q1 2022
Loan Kit Available Q3 2021


SSD Sterilization

Course Release
Routine Test Procedures & Record Keeping Coming soon!


SSD Storage & Distribution

Course Release
Manual Handling in SSD Available Q3 2021
Raw Materials Storage & Handling Stock Coming soon!


Validation Engineer – Thermometric Testing

Course Release
An Overview of Standards & Guidance Available Q3 2021
Thermometric Test Terminology Available Q3 2021
Temperature Calibration Available Q3 2021
Pressure Calibration Available Q3 2021
Thermocouples – Making & Maintaining LIVE NOW!
Thermocouples – Types & Variations Found in Decontamination Validation LIVE NOW!
Difference Between ‘Measurement Uncertainty’ & ‘Limit of Error of Measurement’ LIVE NOW!
A0 Thermal Disinfection & F0 Thermal Lethality LIVE NOW!
Interference, Bad Earths, & Common Sources of Error LIVE NOW!
The Difference Between Bar Gauge & Bar Absolute LIVE NOW!


Validation Engineer – Water Testing

Course Release
Aseptic Technique and Taking Water Samples LIVE NOW!
Ensuring Representative Water Test Results Available Q3 2021
Electrical Conductivity & pH Analysis Available Q3 2021
An Introduction to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa LIVE NOW!


Staff Development

Course Release
Supervisor Level – Communicating with other Supervisors Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – Communicating with Theatres & Other Users Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – Team Building Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – Training & Mentoring Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – Managing Meetings Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – When & How to Deligate Available Q1 2022
Supervisor Level – How to prioritise work for processing Available Q1 2022


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