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Hospital CPD from Isopharm provides an online training platform, hosting a wide range of specialist courses within specific departmental categories.


If you are invested in Hospital Healthcare Decontamination and Infection Control processes, then you will find a whole host of learning applicable to you.


Our modules are aimed at educating either new starters as part of the induction process, or those looking for refresher training on department practices and procedures.

Taking Courses

Once subscribed you have access to every training course within our library.


Training is 100% online, available 24/7, to suit your busy schedule.


Courses provide learning as online coursebooks, with graphics, images, and movies, alongside bite sized knowledge to assist in your learning.


Upon completion of the coursebook, an online assessment follows. A successful assessment provides you with a course certificate detailing the CPD gained and is stored in your online records.

Isopharm CPD is Certified by the CPD Certification Service

Isopharm Hospital CPD courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service, pioneering CPD quality standards since 1996.


The CPD Service is the largest and leading CPD training accreditation service in the UK, with over 25 years experience supporting accredited CPD providers from across all industry sectors, including NHS England.


The CPD Certification Service supports the Continuing Professional Development policies of institutional and professional bodies on an increasingly international basis.

Training Features for Department Managers

As a Department Manager your subscription also provides you with access to your department’s Training Dashboard.


This includes:

  • Your department training register of staff.
  • Staff progress via the Team Dashboard.
  • Visibility of staff training for appraisals.

Not only that, Isopharm will create your department register for you at the start of your subscription period.

Download Your Training QMS Documentation

We will also provide you with a ready written training policy to easily add Isopharm Hospital CPD into your Quality Management System.


We are also on hand to help with any QMS related queries as we get you and your department up and running with Hospital CPD.

Training Support for Department Managers

Throughout your Department Subscription, we will be there to support you:

  • We will automatically subscribe your Team.
  • We will create and set up your Department.
  • We will be on hand for questions and support either online or over the telephone.

Written & Peer Reviewed by Industry Experts

Our library of courses is both written and reviewed by industry experts, professionals from within healthcare decontamination, including front line staff in management roles and decontamination auditors.


New courses are added monthly within our growing list of categories, with all courses reviewed and updated at least every 12 months, or whenever there is a change in standards and guidance.

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    The Team

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    Beverley Mitton
    Laboratory & Training Sales Manager

    Beverley has worked in the decontamination industry for over 14 years. Working within private decontamination supercentres and manufacturers of sterile barriers.
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    David Brighton
    Validation Systems & Sales Manager

    with over 10 years’ experience in decontamination process validation at Isopharm, Dave is a regular contact for CP(D)’s and AP(D)’s looking for a point of view.
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    Matthew Hardy
    Technical Support

    Matt brings over eight years experience in supporting healthcare professionals with Isopharm software and online training platforms.
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    Scott Weldon
    Technical Support

    Scott brings over three years experience in supporting healthcare professionals with Isopharm software and online training platforms.
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    Howard Walker
    Graphics & Studio Manager

    Howard leads the team responsible for Hospital CPD online graphics and imagery.