SSD Storage & Distribution

SD02 - Transportation of Medical Devices

Contributes 45 minutes to your CPD

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Course Details:

The course covers the transportation of sterile items from SSDs to the users via transportation trolleys and containers. Also explains how to correctly check and load the items.


You will be presented with a short presentation, followed by an assessment. 

If you achieve 80% or more, you will pass the course, and will receive a printable certificate to place in your training records.

If you do not pass, you will have the opportunity to review the content and retake the assessment when you feel confident. 


This course will provide learners with an understanding of the techniques and practices and checks that must be applied in safely transporting sterile packs to clinical users in a way that protects their integrity, and how this impacts on patient safety.


Learners will be able to;

  • Understand the importance of the distribution role.
  • Explain best practice in handling sterile packs.
  • Be aware of the potential dangers and risks when handling sterile packs. 
  • Understand how wearing the correct PPE minimises risk.
  • Outline why sterile packs must be checked before being distributed.
  • Explain what checks must be applied when preparing to distribute sterile packs.
  • Understand the importance of delivery schedules.
  • Understand the importance of correct labelling on trolleys, carts and transport boxes used for the distribution of sterile packs.
  • Describe the practices to be applied when loading trolleys, carts and transport boxes.

Learning Outcomes:

The learner can;

  • Explain why the distribution role is so important.
  • Describe safe techniques for handling sterile packs.
  • Outline potential dangers when handling sterile packs.
  • Identify appropriate PPE to be worn when handling sterile packs.
  • Describe how appropriate PPE can minimise risks.
  • Describe what information should be contained on the labels attached to trolleys, carts and  transport  boxes. 
  • Explain the importance of delivery schedules.
  • Identify how trolleys, carts and  transport boxes should be loaded.
  • Provide examples of good practice in the loading of trolleys and containers.