Endoscopy Decontamination

ED04 - Product Release, Storage & Transportation

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Course Details:

This course explains the requirements for product release post decontamination. Covering the different possible post decontamination storage options and ensuring full traceability.


To provide an understanding of product release, transportation, storage and tracking and tracing of decontaminated flexible endoscopes and how these contribute to the safety of patients.


The learner will;

  • Have an understanding of product release.
  • Understand the timelines during which endoscopes should be used following decontamination.
  • Be aware of the difference between storage and controlled environment (drying) cabinets.
  • Understand the principles of Track and Tracing of endoscopes throughout the decontamination process, and how this impacts on patient safety.
  • Be aware of the information provided through labels and electronic data bases and how this is associated with patients.

Learning Outcomes:

The learner will be able to ;

  • Determine if it is appropriate to release an endoscope for patient use.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of when an unused endoscope should be returned to the EDU for re-processing.
  • Explain when it is appropriate to store endoscopes in a storage cabinet, and when a Controlled environment (drying) cabinet should be used.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of an effective track and trace system.
  • Identify what should be included in traceability records.