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Our SSD Inspection, Assembly & Packaging category currently has six courses, written by industry experts, and another seven in the pipeline over the next twelve months!

IAP01 – PPE for the IAP Area

This course provides a complete overview of PPE for the SSD IAP area or clean room. Understand why we wear it and how it protects the instrumentation.

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IAP02 – Product Check & Release in the IAP

This course covers the required quality checks of instruments after being washed and disinfected, to ensure it is fit for purpose for use on a patient.

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IAP03 – Tray Assembly & Supplementary Items

This course covers the best way to layout trays for sterilization and for the end user. Also covers the tray checksheet and an overview of supplementary items.

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IAP04 – Sterile Barrier Systems

This course explains the different types of sterile barriers that are available and how to select the correct sterile barrier for different types of instruments and trays. The course also covers how the raw materials should be brought into the clean room.

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IAP05 – Wrapping Techniques

This course will show the different types of wrapping methods that should be used for sterile barriers and it provides an understanding of aseptic presentation.

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IAP06 – Labelling & Symbols

This course provides an understanding to the labelling of trays and supplementary instruments. Explanation into what information is required and covers the meaning of the symbols shown on the labels.

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Upcoming Courses

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