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Our Endoscopy Decontamination category currently has four courses, written by industry experts, and another five in the pipeline over the next twelve months!

ED01 – PPE for Endoscope Decontamination

This course covers the requirements of PPE for entering and working in the wash area and clean area for endoscopy decontamination, ensuring the learner understands the importance of PPE for the EDU wash and clean areas, how PPE can help prevent and control HCAI. How to correctly put on the required PPE and remove PPE to avoid any cross contamination is also covered.

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ED02 – Receipt of Endoscopes into Department

This course explains the process for the receipt of endoscopes into the department. It will cover the beside clean, visual check and leak test of the decontamination process. The course also covers track and trace systems, loan equipment and non-conforming items.

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ED03 – Cleaning & Disinfection of Endoscopes

This course outlines and provides an understanding of the various stages undertaken in the Decontamination of flexible endoscopes (including manual cleaning) within an Endoscope Decontamination Unit (EDU) and to be aware of how effective decontamination enhances patient safety.

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ED04 – Product Release, Storage & Transportation

This course explains the requirements for product release post decontamination. Covering the different possible post decontamination storage options and ensuring full traceability. The course also provides an understanding of product release, transportation, storage and tracking and tracing of decontaminated flexible endoscopes and how these contribute to the safety of patients.

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